New Year’s Resolutions in Full Swing!

2018 New Year’s resolutions have been set and people are in full swing trying to accomplish their resolution. Popular resolutions every year revolve around people promising to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. Most people want to eat better, look better and feel better in 2018.  So many people set a resolution to maintain a healthier diet, while others promise to get exercise more regularly.  These are some of the common goals we hear about regularly.

An article from the Huffington Post, presented an interesting fact, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.  There are a number of reasons people can’t stick to their resolutions, from setting too many of them to getting derailed by small failures. Often times individuals simply set their resolutions to high.  It is rare to see a resolution that involves doing something fun in 2018.  Although, eating kale and skipping dessert may be fun to some, for the large majority of us we aren’t interested.
People around the New Year talk about cutting carbs, or running everyday… How often do you hear that someones resolution is to drink and hangout with friends more often. It would be nice to set resolutions such as: take more vacations, try new foods, play more golf, indulge in activities that challenge me both physically and mentally.  It’s a new year which calls for new resolutions. Don’t waste your time with recycling an old resolution that you never kept years ago. It’s time to wipe the worries of not sticking to your  resolutions away and focus on resolutions that make you happy.  

Dust off your clubs, stock up on tees and forget about all those unrealistic resolutions. Enjoy your golf game even more this season by taking up these New Year’s resolutions.




  • Play more golf



The winter season is the best time of year to get out to the desert in Arizona and take in the gorgeous 70 degree weather. Booking your next tee time has never been easier. At Randolph Golf Complex you can download the mobile app for free. The app is ultra fast, sleek design, exclusive offers and real time weather.  To download the mobile app click HERE.


  1.  Take a lesson or two or three


Resolutions are about improving weaknesses.  Even the pros have weaknesses that need improvement when it comes to their golf game. Why not take the plunge and book that lesson. To view available instruction click HERE.


  1.  Become a member


If your resolution is to play more golf, by purchasing a Membership Club Card, offered at most public courses will provide ways to save you money on fees, which will allow you the budget to golf more often.  The 2018 Tucson City Card, at Randolph Golf Complex is only $65 and offers discounted rates from 35%-55% off Regular rates.  Unlimited rounds of golf at the preferred Card rate (includes up to 3 guests). To learn more about all the Tucson City Card benefits click HERE.


  1.  Lower your score


It’s not always enough to have perfect mechanics, it may be time to update your equipment. The golf shop at Randolph Golf Complex has a stylish selection of golf apparel that perfectly suites a wide range of golfers.  As a Tucson City Card Member you receive a 15% discount in the golf shop.


  1.  Get in shape


Getting in “Golf” shape that is. Focus on core strength and flexibility to improve your swing. To manage other goals you may have set for this year, try walking the course instead of riding to get the exercise you need to get healthier for 2018!

Don’t be part of the 92% of people that don’t accomplish their resolutions this year, become a part of the 8% that accomplish their resolutions but more importantly have fun while you are doing it. We look forward to seeing you out on the course more often this year! To view available tee times click HERE.

Tucson City Golf: A New Look at the Old Pueblo

A Growing Movement Back to the Basics at Five Venerable Arizona Courses

Growing the game means different things to different people. Most see wee ones taking their first rubbery cuts, while others envision golfers having a blast despite carding triple-digit scores in triple-digit heat. Either way, Tucson City Golf offers a cost-effective collection of courses for all to enjoy. It’s been that way since 1925 when Randolph first opened. El Rio followed in the ’30s, while Fred Enke and Silverbell came along in the era of ‘80s.

“There’s a ton of history revolving around Tucson City Golf,” said Robb Palmgren, general manager of Randolph Golf Complex. “It’s cool to think that some city clubs where around when golfers still played hickory clubs. As we think about the future, passing on these traditions to the next generation is something we practice every day.”

Indeed, Tucson City courses are buzzing with junior golf through collaboration with organizations such as Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association (SAJGA), Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA) and The First Tee of Tucson. Local golf luminaires such as the late Ricki Rarick and Bob Gaona blazed trials for local juniors in addition to the omnipotent effort of the Tucson Conquistadores.


Big kids also make the cut at Tucson City courses. And let’s face it, value is usually the differentiator. Golfers can take advantage of programs such as the Tucson City Card, if low rack rates aren’t attractive enough.

“Out of town golfers are surprised by our competitive regular rates,” said Palmgren. “We’re a great option for guys who want to play a couple cost-conscious rounds during their golf trip. And seasonal visitors are in town long enough to take advantage of the Tucson City Card or Mega Pass. Either way, it’s a great value.”

When looking at what’s new in Tucson City Golf, it’s really what’s missing that is the most compelling – barriers to play the game. Not that they were ever “exclusive” in the first place, but new cost-effective programs and robust junior golf offerings are game changers. Tucson City Golf and a host of like-minded mentors have answered the call to create the conditions for growth within the game. Now it’s your turn to take them up on it. Get your junior involved today, and don’t forget to bring your clubs, too.

For more information contact us directly at 520-729-4936.  To view our available Tee Times click HERE.